January 10, 2013

inspired: managing my money

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to really manage my money. I've started by tracking my daily expenses. I write each transaction on a sheet of notebook paper and I signed up for LearnVest's Money App. It links my bank accounts and tracks my credit and debit card purchases. So far, 10 days in, I've been focused on really thinking about how much I want to spend on items. I hope this is something that becomes a habit and not a fading trend. Now that I'm older I really want to start planning for a family and buy a house one day. I know that I'm late in starting, but it's never too late. I also now know the worth of money and what it means to me. I know that I'd rather have a job that I love and people that are amazing to work with. I know that nothing is worth giving up happiness and freedom. But I also know that I want material things and to create experiences and money is needed to do that. While I'm on this journey I don't want to loose site of the important things. I found these two videos very inspiring.

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