January 1, 2013

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Every year I try to stick to New Year's resolutions. 2013 is here and it seems like it happened over night. So much is happened and I feel like I've come a long way. This year my resolution is to be in the moment. It may not seem like it, but I am very emotional and can let those emotions get the best of me. And this affects the people around me as well. As I get older, I know that time is fleeting and it's something you can never get back. I also want to be on top of my health, eating well and exercising... isn't this on everyone's list? And lastly, I want to really plan for the future and manage my finances. Awhile ago, I ran across Beckie's blog called Infarrantly Creative. For the past couples of years she's come up with a word of the year. I really like this idea. For myself, this year, the word I'm choosing is "authentic." In everything I do, I want to be true to myself. Best wishes and good tidings for 2013!
Image: Early 20th-century New Year's resolution postcard found
via Wikipedia.

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