November 27, 2012

inspired: the women of hearst

It's rare to hear anyone say this, but I work for a pretty good company, Hearst. It is one of the largest communications companies in the world and is ever present among the vastness of disappearing publications. But that's not the reason I think Hearst is great, it's the people that make the company that are great. What I love most is that Hearst hires intelligent and strong minded women and let them shine within and outside the company. To name a few, Cathie Black, Gayle King, Susan Casey, Joanna Coles, Nina Garcia, and Ann Shoket. And I'm pretty sure you've heard of some of these ladies as well. I've read Cathie Black's book, Basic Black and I've watched Nina Garcia on Project Runway. Above is a clip from a talk that Coles gave at a LearnVest Live event on October 9, 2012 sharing her (bold) career experiences. While I don't think any job in publishing is secure, I do know that I can navigate through uncertainty and land on my feet. And I think I've learned that from some of the exceptional women in my personal life as well.

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