November 30, 2012

heart: marie forleo

I recently discovered Marie Forleo and her web tv series. I probably spent two hours the other day just browsing her site. Here's one post I found and thought I'd share with you. I really like the concept of daily non-negotiable time. There are definitely times when I feel overwhelmed and stressed, especially during weeks when we're on deadline and trying to get the magazine out. That's when I tend to not take care of myself. I've been thinking about my core daily "NNT" time and I think I'm going to start with meditation (or just breathing), having a glass of green tea or smoothie or hot lemon water, and taking a walk, even if it's for just 10 minutes. And then weekly, I think just treating myself to a mani/pedi or catching up on Grey's Anatomy. So, do you have NNT time or any suggestions? If so, I'd love to hear.

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