November 15, 2012

current: to wander and wonder

Every week, my friend, Rory, sends out an email blast with that week's weather forecast and horoscope. I don't know where he gets his information, I just enjoy reading them. Here is my horoscope for the week of November 15th. I think it's right on target: I'm sure you've got thousands of practical details to attend to. Your schedule may be as busy as it has been in months. But I hope you will find time to do what I consider essential to your well-being, and that is to wander and wonder. In fact, let's make that your motto: to wander and wonder. Even if it's just for a few stolen moments between your serious appointments, allow yourself to meander off into the unknown and marvel at all the curious things you find. Be on the lookout for high strangeness that thrills your imagination, for exotic pleasures that titillate your lust for novelty, and for fertile chaos that blows your mind in all the right ways.
Art: Murray Fredericks, Salt 147, 2006, via

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