November 29, 2012

current: thankful

I know I'm a week late writing this post, but what the difference a year makes! Last year was incredibly depressing. My dad was recovering from a car accident. He was hit by a drunk driver and his car totalled. My aunt had stomach cancer and that was a painful process to watch her endure. My grandmother who had Alzheimer's disease, passed away last December. And then on Christmas Day while driving to my parents' house in Chattanooga, we were told that my cousin, Lamar, who had served in the military and did a tour in Iraq, committed suicide. See, depressing. But it is true what they say, "time heals all wounds." While the grieving process is ongoing, I think my family is doing exceptionally well. And my aunt is cancer free. I know that my time here is limited and am grateful for every moment and cherish time with my family and friends all the more. I am in the best place. And I've met the love of my life. And for that I am truly blessed. And many thanks to The Thompsons for having me for Thanksgiving.
Photo: Sandhill Cranes near The Villages, Florida. They mate for life and are always seen in pairs.

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