November 9, 2012

adventures: country living fair

Two weekends ago, I got to go to my very first Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain, GA (an hour outside of Atlanta). The fair was gigantic outdoor market with a variety of vendors from crafts to antiques to food. It was much bigger than I thought it would be. The best part was that my mom drove from Chattanooga, TN to visit me along with my aunt. It was great getting to spend the weekend with them. And I also got to have dinner with all my family in Atlanta... everyone came together at last minute notice. As I get older I cherish those times. Of course, the fair itself was a wonderful experience.  I got to meet and talk with our readers, with whom we took photos and signed magazines, sort of like mini celebrities. Now I have a much better understand of our audience and will make sure I continue to do the best that I can to live up to their expectations. I sometimes forget that there really are people on the other end and that makes my job all the more rewarding!
Photo: Me and my mom, in front the main attraction, a giant pile of pumpkins.

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  1. You're awesome!!! I love the pic of you & mom. It was an honor to meet you. We think you are all amazing at what you do. Second week of every month is my fav time (that's when my issue arrives) and I always look forward to what's in store. The wonder you have created.
    Thanks for all you do!!!
    Michelle, Gaston, Andy & Max (from CL Fair, GA)