October 16, 2012

inspired: the glass house

Last Sunday, Selina, Jen and I took a day trip to New Canaan, Connecticut to tour Philip Johnson's, The Glass House. I've been wanting to visit the House since I moved to NYC way back in 2004. It took me eight years and I'm glad I did. The town itself is the perfect landscape for an architect to play with the seasons. Even today, the idea of a house made of glass, with no interior wall seems radical. While beautiful in details, it is spare and cold. I learned that Philip's father left him a trust of over a million dollars and that he studied architecture at Harvard. He was talented and also had the time and funds to create and think outside of the box. Though his work, you can see that he was influenced by his contemporaries, Mies van der Rohe and Frank Stella. While on the site you can also see the progression of his life. It's appropriate that Johnson referred to The Glass House as his "fifty-year diary" and for me, that's an amazing thing to witness. 

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