September 11, 2012

current: 9/11

Eleven years ago, I was in my college dorm room and my roommate, Bia woke me up saying that the Twin Towers had been attacked. I was sleepy and didn't really understand exactly what had just happened. I got up and headed to class as normal. That's when I realized something was drastically wrong. Students were crying, on their cellphones, and comforting each other. I went to Erica's dorm and I think we all just stayed together for the rest of the day, watching the news and talking to family members. On a sunny note, today, Camila Minaya turns one. So, in the midst of sadness, I am happy, because life does go on and we are continuously blessed with little joys.
Top photo: Steven Siegel from his "New York in the 80s" series found via Miss Moss. Bottom photo: Camila having brunch with her mom (Katie) and me.

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  1. every year I wish I was in NYC to remember with family and friends