August 28, 2012

adventures: my cousin and me

I went to Virginia Beach last week to visit my cousin, Cicely. As kids we spent summers together. It was me and my brothers, Michael and Jason and our two cousins, Cicely and Jeremy. Six total. And we were inseparable. Those summers are some of my fondest memories. Cicely and I were the only two girls and I guess she was the closest thing to a sister I had. I was the oldest and she wanted to be just like me. She copied my every move and loved wearing my clothes. We all still remember her yelling back at our grandmother because she wanted to wear my yellow dress, not the blue one. And no one ever talked back to our elders! She was a brave one. Back then I thought it was an annoyance. Now, I see it as a great compliment and honor. As adults, as I get older I realize more and more the importance of family and those relationships. I feel it is my duty to make sure we all stay close. So, I asked if I can come out for some quality, girl time. For me it was great getting to see Cicely as a 26 year old. She is smart and knows what she wants. I love that she hums and sings to herself the same way our grandfather did. I love that she can cook just as well as my mom. And I love that I can see my grandmother's face in her face. I'm looking forward to more cousin/family trips in the future.

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