July 6, 2012

opposites attract

The other day, my bff, called me at 9:34am (that's 6:34am Los Angeles time). She was on the way to the gym. I was still getting ready for work and running late. Somehow, we've been able to maintain a great friendship even with the distance and time difference. I've been to LA many times to visit and she to NYC when visiting family in New Jersey for holidays. In fact, she'll be here in August! Earlier this year we took a girls trip to Mexico and that was so fun. I imagine we'll do similar trips in the future. We're very different. She's a morning person, I'd rather sleep in, she loves to work out, I hate it, she's more emotional and affectionate, I'm less so (though I'm getting better), she'd rather hike in the mountains, I'd rather lay on the beach. It works because we're similar in the ways that matter. And yes, we fight! But that's what's friends do. She just got engaged, so there will be lots of wedding planning conversations! I'm so excited for her and her fiance, Michael.

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