July 11, 2012

current: morning routine

I am always curious about people's morning routine... what time you wake, what you eat, do you work out, practice yoga, meditate, read The New York Times, etc. As I mentioned last week, I am not a morning person. Right now, I sleep up until the last minute I can and wake up 9am, have a quick shower, and I'm out the door by 9:45. And usually I'm running 10-15 minutes late. Then, I have breakfast at my desk, usually a muffin or yogurt. Here's my perfect morning scenario: I would wake up at 7:30am, have a glass of warm water with lemon (like Eva Amurri), go for a swim or walk in the park, come back and shower, and maybe even have time to eat breakfast before heading off to work. What's your ideal morning routine?
Photo: Matt Duckor

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