June 12, 2012

adventures: millbrook winery

Saturday, we took a girls' day trip to Millbrook Winery in Millbrook, NY. It's about a 90 minute drive, though it did seem longer. But once we got to the winery it was well worth it. It's amazing what's just an hour outside of Manhattan. The vineyard and property was beautiful. I felt like I was in the country. Immediately, I smelled honeysuckle, which of course reminded me of my grandparents' house in Georgia. The scent was overwhelming. The tour was very informative, actually probably one the best tours I've experienced. To be honest, I didn't love the wines served during the tasting. One did stick out, the Tocai Friulano, so I purchased a bottle. It was just good to be with girlfriends and in nature. Katie brought along her little one and we all had a great time. Looking forward to more summer adventures. 1. Celia taking in the landscape. 2. Sweet little Camila with her mom, Katie.

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