May 16, 2012

personal: wellness

It's 11:18am and I'm feeling pretty tired. It's because I haven't had a good night's rest in the last four days. I am an insomniac. My mind wanders relentlessly, even when I'm dog tired. And because I can't sleep I stay up watching shows like The Jersey Housewives or watching clips of the Ellen show or doing the New York magazine crossword puzzle. Even now, I know I am not doing the things I should be doing, like listening to my body and eating an apple instead of Cheetos from the vending machine. When one thing (like not getting enough sleep) seems off, everything else seems to fall as well... the domino effect. So, my first priority is sleeping well. I read somewhere that I should have a nightly routine: 20 minutes to finish up things from the day, 20 minutes for washing up, and 20 minutes for mediation. I'm going to start with that. My goal isn't to be the woman in the video featured above, but I do want to be whole, where the mind and body connect and my actions extend from that place.

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