April 25, 2012

personal: happiness

This past Sunday, it was cold and raining. I braved the weather and met my friend, Elle for brunch. It was just a day to be inside cozied up on the couch with tea and a good movie. Once I got home, I took off my wet clothes and was ready to watch a day of mindless tv. But my cable stopped working, stupid TWC. So, I went to rent a movie on iTunes and found a documentary entitled, Happy. I had never heard of it before, it was free so I downloaded and was glad I did. Everyone wants to be happy. And this film tells you how. The basic formula is simple: "Do things that you love to do, these are the building blocks of a happy life. Play. Have new experiences. Friends and family. Doing things that are meaningful. Appreciating what we have." Yep, that's it. It's really that easy. This is one my favorite quotes, "My life is like a loan given from God, and I will give this loan back, but with interest." What a great perspective. Okay, now go on, be happy.

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