February 27, 2012

quote of the week

What a lovely card my bff sent me. Here's what it says on the back:
The Ocean Star Blessing written by Christina DiMari:
Always stay connected to your Source of Life &
May the Living Water make you whole.
Always travel with a Pod of people who bring out the best in you &
May you be protected from those who would destroy your Dreams.
Always remember your Heart is the wellspring of life &
May it be guarded by Truth and filled with Peace.
Always hold on to your Rock when the waves of adversity come &
May you be surprised by Pearls of encouragement along the way.
Always Look Up when choosing which way to go &
May the Bright Morning Star light your path
Always Believe in the infinite possibilities that are born of Faith &
May you use your gifts to Shine Brightly for others.

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