February 10, 2012

current: a few things about being 30

So far, there is a feeling of ease and less pressure to be anyone, but myself! For the most part, I feel like I have my shit together. Here are a few thoughts on that: One: I want the best lingerie I can afford. While I moved past Victoria’s Secret a long time ago, I guess the woman in me has finally caught up to what French women have known all along: lingerie can change how you feel, not for a man, but for you. I adore Elle Macpherson's intimates line. Two: I've finally realized the importance of self-care. I’ve always indulged in mani/pedis, but now I’m talking skin creams and moisturizers (the French are experts at this too). BTW, I'm loving the Origins skincare brand. My refrigerator is now filled with real, healthy food, with the occasional bottle of Prosecco and frozen pizza (the Amy’s kind). Three: My home is my castle even if it's a studio apartment. My living room, bedroom, and workspace are all in the same area. Regardless, I love my home. I have a small bar stocked with wine and my favorite whisky. Nice sheets. A grown woman’s closet, where tights are not to be worn as pants. It’s important to have things in your home that bring you joy. For me that’s art (mostly from 20x200), tea, music, and flowers. Four: Okay. This one I have not quite mastered yet, but it’s exercise. I have an unopened copy of the Physique 57 Express 30 Minute workout that I borrowed from my friend, Ellie, on my TV stand. Maybe I'll get to that this weekend. And five: Mindy Kailing said it best: “Only adult men for me.” Six: Finding that right shade of pink lipstick.

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