February 14, 2012

current: all you need is love

I caught up with last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy. What can I say? I'm a devoted fan. I know guys refer to it as the "show that makes girls cry." Of course, it was all about Valentine's Day. The story line included a 10-year old girl who had an allergic reaction to chocolates from her valentine. What's crazy is the intense love the two have for each other even though they're just kids. The boy has to go home, but leaves a note for her. It said, "Dear Clementine. I'm really sorry you're sick, but I'm not sorry you're my girlfriend. It's the worst being alone on Valentine's Day, but I'm thinking about you right now. I'm thinking about holding hands with you and jumping on the trampoline together. I love you. And P.S., I don't care who gave who lice, I'm just glad we both had it together. Love, Nico."  I can't think of any girl, at any age, who wouldn't want a sweet note from a boy who loves her. Yep, I'm a romantic. Who knew!

So, yes, I'm celebrating the day alone. Earlier, I went to The Frick, had a dentist appointment, and picked up flowers to cheer myself up. Tonight, I'm going to order in Chinese takeout (I'm craving it for some reason), have some wine, and watch Midnight in Paris. To all you lonely hearts out there, Happy Valentine's Day! BTW, you can create and send your own virtual candy heart message.

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