January 25, 2012

current: i'm a mess

Last week I was completely off. I had a mild cold and I think from there everything else went downhill, like not getting enough sleep. Not a good combination. I was just exhausted. I don't think I cooked a meal or made my bed and that's really saying something for me. Thank goodness for fresh direct and laundry service or I probably wouldn't have had any clean undies. I know, TMI. Right now, I'm watching the State of the Union address as I finally write this post and wondering about the state of my life... heavy stuff and too much to think about right now. I'll leave that for the weekend. I'm all over the place... I stumbled upon this still from the movie, Lilo and Stitch. Have you seen it? I remember watching it in high school. I think it was a Saturday night and there was nothing to do, so we invited all of friends over. There must have been 15 kids in our den. Anyway, there's this fight scene, it's great because it's so unexpected and we replayed it at least fifteen times. It made me smile, that's all. (Still from here.)

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