December 6, 2011

adventures: thanksgiving

For the first time this year my family celebrated Thanksgiving in New York. It was bittersweet because my second brother, Jason could not join us. We all planned last year, but my father was in car accident (he was hit by a drunk driver hours before heading to the airport) and my parents could not make the trip. Yes, my parents stayed with me in my tiny studio apartment. Originally, I had planned to stay with my brother, Michael, but for some weird reason my dad insisted that he would sleep on the couch. It was crammed, but we were fine. Some highlights: taking my dad to see Times Square for the first time, hanging out with my relatives in CT, going to see The Mountaintop (it was fantastic) with my mom and brother, and last, but not least, my mom's dressing (I've never had any as good as hers, seriously). Overall, it was a great time! I'm looking forward to next year. Above: My brother, Michael and I on the Staten Island Ferry.

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