November 1, 2011

the cutest pumpkin ever

Yesterday, was probably one of the best Halloweens to date. I got to babysit (along with my friend, Jen) a one year old named, Charlotte. I'd only met her once when she was a baby, after a few minutes we became quick buddies. I have to confess I'd never babysit before in my life and I didn't know what to expect. Surprisingly, things came natural, like keeping an eye on her at every turn or distracting her while trying to put on a pumpkin costume complete with a hat (yes, I would have hated that too). I was most impressed with getting her to finish her bottle (which had a new formula she wasn't quite used to yet), changing her diaper, and putting her to sleep with ease and not one single tear. I secretly loved that if she cried, I'd pick her up and she'd stop crying. The neighborhood was having a Halloween block party and we took Charlotte to explore. It was nuts, I think she was definitely overwhelmed, there was loud noise, lots of kids running around in crazy costumes, but she just took it all in. We let her walk around the block, which took forever, mostly because we were being extra careful. She did love the candy bowls and held on to a packaged twizzler with dear life. No we did not let her have/eat it! And she loves puppies, so it was a treat to see her smile and wave every time a doggy passed by. Honestly, in just a few hours the kid really put a little dent in my heart. The good kind. 

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