August 18, 2011

queen b!

You guys know that I'm a huge Beyoncé fan! I've been wanting to see her in concert for awhile now! So, I finally saw her perform two nights ago at Roseland! I was freakin' out!!!! And she was beautiful and amazing. I loved every minute. She really danced and really sang. She is a true performer. One of my favorite moments was when she finished a big number and you could tell that she put everything into it. She stopped and said, "Y'all, I just need a moment." And she caught her breath. As a fan, I cheered, yelled and clapped as loud as I could so that she could feel my energy to let her know that I was right there with her. And so were 3,000 other people. That was a beautiful moment. She ended the show with one of my favorite songs, "I Was Here." Everyone sang along. It was kind of magical... a dream come true.

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