May 15, 2011

new york has an aquarium?

Last Saturday, my friend, Karen and I went to the New York Aquarium. All this time, I had no idea know close it was to Coney Island. Bank of America has a great promotion that for select weekends you can get into certain museums for free. If you are a BOA customer, I highly recommend that you take advantage. The aquarium was okay. It needs a serious update. The aquarium in my hometown is 1,000 times better. Of course, the best part was spending time with Karen. Afterwards, we took a walk on the boardwalk and ate cotton candy. I hadn't seen a beach in almost nine months, I really needed it. I don't know what it is, but I feel so at home near the ocean. I just noticed that Coney Island has a film festival. I'm so excited for summer!

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