March 16, 2011

"go west, young man"

I've been itching to visit New Mexico for years!!!! I have this weird fascination/obsession with the American West. Maybe it's just a phase, but I can't seem to get enough. It's expensive and far! Most New Yorkers have country houses upstate, I'd rather have a beach house on the coast of California. One day I'll figure out how to swing that. Anyway, back to N.M. I've always wanted to visit Frida Khalo's home, "Blue House" or "La Casa Azul" in Coyoacán, which is now a museum. It just seems like such a magical and spiritual place. I'm sure I could draw inspiration from thousands of art books, but I really want this cookbook: Frida's Fiestas: Recipes and Reminiscences of Life with Frida Kahlo. (Photos via

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