February 8, 2011

i'm a glamour girl

Slowly, but surely this month's magazines are piling up on the floor in my room. I did flip through the March issue of Glamour magazine and it looks great! I loved Katie Couric's interview with 14-year-old fashion blogger, Tavi Geninson. Her tips for someone aspiring to work in fashion: "Be passionate and stick to your vision. It's competitive, and there are mind games, but try to build yourself up rather than knock others down. Because success is the best revenge." This girl knows what she's what she's talking about! And if you need love advice, well, 9-year-old, Rachel Katz has it all figured out. When asked the question: How do you know it's love? Katz says, "I figured this out from my experience. It's love if he blushes when you talk to him, and when you look at him, he won't make eye contact." Another very smart cookie. And Lili Diallo styled fashion designer, Charlotte Ronson's apartment on page 309!

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