January 23, 2011

teen summit

Mary J. Blige on Teen Summit - 1995
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Do you guys remember "Teen Summit?" I would watch that show every Saturday. I was either in Jr. High or High School and was a focused student. I knew that I wanted to college and was very active/involved in creating my educational path. "Teen Summit" definitely dealt with issues and subjects that I was facing. I also loved the host Ananda Lewis. Where is she now? I would like to see her make a comeback. And we need better television programing. Oprah is doing that with her network, but what about shows for young people? I was lucky. I had the "Cosby Show," "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air," and at least the first seasons of the "The Real World" were somewhat interesting and intellectual. Kids today have, "The Jersey Shore" and "Pregnant at 16." Seriously!

Also, my dad is really into music and for my one of my birthdays he got me my first stereo system (I still have it in my childhood room) and Mary J. Blige, along with Michael Jackson and Tevin Campbell were among my first CDs ever.

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