January 24, 2011

morning yoga for flexibility

Sunday, I started my "training" program for Kujali. I had my first one-on-one pilates session with Louie. He was amazing! Very informed and gave direction well. Afterward, I felt great. Invigorated. And the slight feeling that yes, I can climb this mountain. So, yes, once a week I'll do pilates. It just so happened that the front page of the Metro section in the NYT was about yoga instructor, Tara Stiles. Yoga is a little intimidating to me, which is why I never really got into it. But Tara's method "focuses on the physical and health aspects of yoga, not the spiritual or the philosophical." And that appeals to me because I really don't want to chant. The article talked a lot about her down-home sensibility and it also made me think that I should try adding yoga to my training. I'm starting with one of Tara's YouTube videos, "Morning Yoga for Flexibility." It's only 7 minutes, I can do it at home... I have no excuses! I'm excited. My next step: join a gym and start running. I'll keep you guys updated.

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