January 25, 2011

best wishes

This past weekend I rediscovered one of my favorite pocket books called, Best Wishes, a special supplement of Colors magazine. I purchased it while I was studying in Italy. Somehow I found it at a little magazine store where I would go alone and just browse through tons of magazines. I was still learning Italian and Colors was published in Italian and English. So, it was helpful. Best Wishes is a collection of photographs and short interviews from people all over the world describing what they wished for. Here are some favorites:
p. 25 "I want it all and I want it now! Most people are looking for happiness. In my experience happiness is not a permanent state, but a number of experiences that at one particular moment satisfy us in such a way that we call it happiness. These moments can be long or very short. In general terms, we live because we have no say in the matter. How we live is what differentiates us in this search for whatever we are looking for." –Osvaldo Hern├índez, 44, Graphic Designer, Santurce, Puerto Rico
p. 20 "I wish I had more ambition." –Gleicia Nascimento Henrique, 26, Cleaner, Rio de Janerio, Brazil
p. 78 "When I was little, I always dreamed of having the ability to touch somebody's arm and being able to feel their pain." –Ellen  Diedrich, 31, Graphic Designer, Barcelona, Spain
p. 134 "I wish to stop working as a dishwasher making US$7.75 per hour. I moved from Utah to Hollywood to be an actor, but have only been offered parts in porno films. But I know I can make it to the walk of fame." –James Hernandez, 19, Out-of-work actor, Hollywood, USA
p. 39 "I wish my memory wouldn't deteriorate."–Marimar Benitez, 83, Retired, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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