November 28, 2010

currently listening to...

I've been watching a lot of tv this weekend, mostly catching up on the dvr list. As you know, I love music and sometimes find myself watching those hollywood stories on music artists. I even watched one on Justin Bieber. My roommate, Louie, recorded the E! True Hollywood story on Jennifer Lopez. I guess she's someone I've been able to watch while growing up. In other words, she's of my generation. I'd loved, Selena. I could watch it over and over and never get tired. My favorite J. Lo song, "Love Don't Cost a Thing" came out when I was in college. My friends and I played it a million times! There's a soft spot in my heart for Jenny from the Block.
Links for your day:
Sarah's letters from her childhood.
Thinking about participating in the "Climb for Kujali."
I want to read Breaking Night by Liz Murray.

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  1. Waiting for tonight was the the *ish..