November 15, 2010


I absolutely love Beyoncé. If I could meet one celebrity, it would her. I actually think I would faint. One my life's dreams would be to see her in concert. Until then I'm seriously considering ordering her "I Am" world tour on DVD. BTW, I went to a photo shoot last week and the location was directly across from her (and Jay-Z's) apartment. I'm not a stalker or anything, they weren't there anyway, but it would have been cool to get a glimpse. I gotta start saving now for her next concert.


  1. You should hit up Jay-Z's bar (I do not know the name of it or where it may be) one day because my landlord who just visited New York said she saw them there. The "I Am" tour is going to be on Thanksgiving night if I am correct...I did not know you loved her that much (ye shrug).

  2. It's the 40/40 club. I've never been there. It would be fun to check out. Let's watch it! :) You'll be here soon.