October 4, 2010

weekend away

This weekend I visited family in New Haven, CT. My goal was to relax and eat as much as I could. Mission accomplished. On Saturday, my cousins (Brandon and Teal) had tennis practice, normally I would go, but my Aunt Karen and I decided to stay home and enjoy a little peace and quiet. I read the WSJ, I particularly loved the new "Off Duty" section spearheaded by Deborah Needleman (former editor in chief of domino magazine). All was complete with tea and little cookies. Later, I watched Brandon do magic tricks and Angels and Demons with Teal. Aunt Karen made a wonderful dinner: baked ham with a cherry glaze, macaroni and cheese, roasted sweet potatoes, okra, and blackberry cobbler for dessert. It was as good as it sounds.
Links to share: 
I love this artful idea for my next birthday party.
Inspired anniversary invitations.
This clever video installation created by Tokujin Yoshioka for the window display of Maison Hermès in Japan.

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