October 5, 2010


It's official. Fall is here. It's chilly, rainy, and gloomy. I do not do well in this weather. Normally, I'd be eager to start wearing a whole new wardrobe.... coats, sweaters, scarves, tights, boots, but right now, I'm a little underwhelmed and uninspired. This coming weekend I will go through my closet, put away all my summer clothes, and pull out winter items from storage boxes. I'm sure that once I start, I'll be excited to start putting together some easy, cool looks. Until then I'm wearing my favorite "J'adore Paris" hoodie, cozying up with a cup of mint tea, and catching up on Grey's Anatomy. Photo from The Sartorialist.
Tuesday's links:
Adopt an orphan elephant for $50. How cool.
Business leader of the week: Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook.
Awesome juice box design by Yunyeen Yong.
Listening to Rihanna's new song: "Only Girl."

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