October 2, 2010

creating new realities

My brother, Michael, gave me this book, Mind Power by John Kehoe, to read a few weeks back. At first I wasn't sure, but I was bored one day and started reading it on the train. I am an analytical and spiritual person. So far this book is hitting on both points. Here's one passage that's stuck with me:
You are living simultaneously in two worlds, two realities: the inner reality of your thoughts, emotions and attitudes, and the outer reality of people, places, things and events. Because we fail to separate these Inner and Outer worlds, we allow ourselves to become dominated by the Outer world of appearances, and we use the Inner world solely as a "mirror" for whatever happens to us. Our Inner world reacts constantly, and because we spend all of our time simply reacting, we never experience our power. Ironically, you begin changing your reality the day, the hour, the minute you cease constantly reacting to it.
Your inner consciousness is a powerful force whose influence is felt in every aspect of your life. It is, in fact, the major and most important part of who you are, and it is the main cause of your success or failure.

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