October 20, 2010

art for reality's sake

I'm probably the odd man out on this one, but I kind of love W's latest cover with Kim Kardashian. And I'll just admit it, I like KK. I'm always fascinated with people/celebrities who make a career for themselves out of nothing. Nicole Richie. Kate Gosselin. Snooki and crew. All of the Housewives. Take Paris Hilton, I mean, people pay/paid her just to show up at events. That's actually kind of brilliant. And Barbara Kruger's three liner really sums up our cultural moment right now. "It's all about me. I mean you. I mean me." To some extent we all create various realities through Facebook and/or Twitter even in the simple act of choosing what to share and what to keep ourselves. By default there is an editing process that allows for certain perceptions. And out of my 600 or so "friends," I'd say that number is actually closer 10. But, I do find some redemption in Kruger's latest project commissioned for the Whitney Museum's new site in the Meatpacking district. My favorite text piece reads, "You are not what you seem. You're more complicated. More serious, kinder, calmer, and a true friend."
Today's links:
*Rave reviews for Kanye West's new film, "Runaway." Premieres this Saturday at 8pm on MTV.
*I think I want my engagement ring from here: Erie Basin. I'm a girl. What do you expect?
*I would buy the iPad just for French Vogue's 90th anniversary app.
*Two words: Avocado fries.

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