June 4, 2010

young americans at the bolshoi

photos from the new york times 

This article appeared in the New York Times a couple of days ago. And I can't get Joy Womack, an American student at the Bolshoi academy in Moscow, out of the back of mind. She moved to Russia on her own last year at 15. I can't imagine how scary and hard that must have been... to live in another country, away from your family while learning a new language and culture. I find her passion and drive, inspiring and motivational. Here's a small excerpt from the article:
She recalled the first time she appeared on the Bolshoi stage. “It changed my whole perspective on dancing, knowing that is what I want,” she said. “In America I never really felt that I fit in. I want to be Russian. It calls to me. Russia calls to me.”
Julian said he too felt a pull here. The first months were bewildering, he said, and he was grateful that his teachers did not give up on him.
“There have been times when I was like, ‘I don’t know whether I am ever going to be able to actually get it right,’ ” he said. “But if I didn’t come here, I would probably end up being a mediocre dancer. I want to be here as long I can.”

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