June 23, 2010

it doesn't just happen

It’s past midnight and my bedtime. I'm exhausted, having just worked 24 hours in two days and we’re only halfway through the week. The only thing keeping me going is my trip to Paris in just 7 days! But before then, work is going to be brutal. One thing that I’ve been able to enjoy is reading on the train (and my morning smoothies). I have several magazine subscriptions and this is the only time I have devote to them. Needlessly, I picked up a copy of Success magazine and have been reading every single article. All equally inspiring and motivating. I’m not ready to spend the $38 for a subscription, but I did sign up for a weekly newsletter. Already, I’m impressed. And at the end of a day like today, I needed to read Georgia Hardy’s article on turning forty. In it she quotes a friend, “'Everything doesn’t just happen.’ A good marriage, respectful children, close and meaningful relationships, a fulfilling career, a sense of satisfaction and gratitude—nothing just happens.” This just serves as a reminder that I am responsible for my happiness and that I have the power to create the life I desire. With that thought, I am heading to bed.

Oh, and happy summer!

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