June 1, 2010

how to be a parisienne: 10 golden rules

 photo by the sartorialist

While researching my upcoming Paris trip, I stumbled upon this blog. My favorite post so far features 10 great tips for a girl like me who wants to fit in with the locals. Here's the short list: 1. Cultivate austere beauty. (Done.) 2. Don't smile much. (Check. I'm a New Yorker.) 3. Nail the "I don't think so, but I guess if you..." look. (I might need to practice this one.) 4. Be Thin. (Check. No explanation needed.) 5. Indulge in moderation. (Check. I am not an indulgent person.) 6. Look sober, even when you're not. (Doable.) 7. Smoke. (No way, Jose! I will take the alternate option and be a non-smoker and act slightly self-righteous about it.) 8. Don't stay single. (Will try my very best.) 9. Adore New York. (Done.) 10. Know where to shop. (Within budget of course.) Looks like I'll fit in just fine. And I'm so glad I signed up for that French class. Oh, and I'm welcome to non-tourist sites/suggestions. Merci.

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