June 11, 2010

body restored

photo taken in central park, june 7th, isn't it amazing
how nature has the power to heal and restore

This past week I had a minor scare with health concern issues. It turns out that I might have had low blood sugar, which is probably something I've had my whole life. I remember when I was younger and my entire family would take trips to the mall for back-to-school shopping. We'd be there for hours and I'd get cranky if I didn't have something to eat every few hours or so. Or last year when I went on vacation to LA, my friends thought I was crazy because I had to eat so often. They can afford to skip a meal, but with my petite frame I just can't. So, for the past week I'd been experiencing nausea, dizziness, racing heart beats, vertigo, panic attacks, etc. Believe me, I was scared. Oh, and I'd get these crying spells. I swear I hadn't cried that much, well ever. I even cried through my entire doctor's visit. I think it was just some sort of release. My body was literally out of whack! Now, I just have to be sure I eat at least six times a day. Now I listen to my body. When I start getting a headache I know it's time to eat. My body is a living, breathing organ and it needs my complete care and attention.

This quote from Oprah says it all, "... the universe is always trying to get your attention. Sometimes it starts out—any major problem you encounter—as a whisper. By the time it gets to be a storm, you've had a pebble knock you upside the head; you've had a brick; you've had a brick wall; you've had a house fall down. And before you know it, you are in the eye of the storm." From now on I want to catch the whispers.

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