March 11, 2010

wake up early: part one

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I am not a morning person. (Luckily, I don't have to be at work until 10:00am.) I'd rather stay up all night (because that's when I'm most creative... that's what I tell myself) and sleep in the next day. Well, my body has slowly started to reject this idea. In the recent past, I'd go to sleep around 1:30am and sometimes even 2am and wake up at 9am. That's seven hours, not so bad. The next morning, I'd take a quick shower, get ready and be at work by 10:10/10:15/10:30am. That's the bad part. Oh, and on those nights I usually don't get home until 10:00/11pm, so I need those few extra hours to write letters, pay bills, water the plants, make dinner or lunch for the next day, chat with my brother, read, watch Oprah and/or Lopez Tonight, decompress or just time not at work. Long story, short: I want to change. I read an article last week on how to wake up early and it's been sitting with me ever since. Without even trying I've starting going to sleep around 12:30/1am. And getting up at 8:30am. Definitely better! But my goal is to wake up at 8am every day. And I guess 12:30am would be the latest I'd like to be in bed, which is exactly 8 minutes from now. Which means I should shut down right now. Ok, more to come. Sweet dreams. I'll be dreaming about a little house by the sea.

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