March 1, 2010

sunday dinner: keeping up the tradition

Today my brother made Sunday dinner. His menu: fried chicken, corn, Collard greens, and mac and cheese aka soul food. Our grandmothers would be proud. And here's a little history on Soul Food. In the 1960's, Southern-style cooking of Black Americans, now labeled as “Soul Food” was due to its roots in American slavery. It was also a reminder that African American slaves paved the way in the development of African American style cooking. The slaves had to create their own dishes from the leftovers that their masters did not eat. They also used large amounts of fat, sugar, and salt to season their foods because it was cheap and readily available. Salt was also used as a preservative since there were no refrigeration or other methods to keep food cool. And they fried the chicken and wrapped it in paper so it would keep on long trips in which they would walk. My ancestors literally did the best with what they had.

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