March 4, 2010

struck by lightning

I rarely dream when sleeping, and if I do dream, I hardly ever remember it. But last night, I had a vivid dream about a thunderstorm and for some crazy reason I went out into the storm and was struck by lightning! I was curious to know what this dream meant, so I did a little research. Here are two interpretations that I found online:

1. "Lightning represents energy and a fantastic, altering force. It is generally a positive dream symbol which represents the dreamers "awakened" state of consciousness. At times, a sudden shift in awareness, or unpredictable news, may shock us and leave us feeling anxious. However, enlightenment of any kind has long term positive implications. When interpreting this dream, make attempts to connect it to important and highly charged events from your daily life which have suddenly occurred or come into your awareness."
2. "A very positive omen implying a major stroke of good luck coming your way in the near future. Even if the lightning was accompanied by rain and thunder, it is still a positive omen, but positive events will be preceded by a period of anxiety." I am definitely in a period of anxiety. I'll let you know if any good luck arrives!

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