February 27, 2010

28 things before i turn 29

all geared up at brooklyn boulders

I make lists for everything. There are grocery lists, to do lists, gift lists, mix tape lists, etc. Here is a list of 28 things I want to do before I turn 29. Initially, I made this to get back to the activities I loved to do as a child, such as playing kickball or putting together a puzzle. I also decided that I wanted to challenge myself as well. I would like to overcome my fear of heights, hence rock-climbing and sky diving. I am sad to say that I still have a fear of heights after the rock-climbing experience. I went with my friend (KS) and she was super supportive. At the very end I did make it to the top, but mentally it was not easy! And physically I felt all the blood rushing out of my body and I was sweating. KS said I looked pale white. I am terrified of sky diving. I might actually pass out. We'll see. I am very serious about completing each task. As you can see some are already crossed out. Let me know if you want to help or join in. Or make your own list. I will keep you updated on my progress throughout the year.

1. Sky diving (will do in LA with EMC)
2. Take a solo trip
3. Save and invest (develop a portfolio)
4. Figure out a budget (half way there)
5. Paris (or before I turn 30)
6. Get a NYC Driver's License
7. Ride a motorcycle (or on the back of one)
8. Do a cartwheel or hula hoop or jump rope or play kickball
9. Finally figure out this makeup thing: create a day look and a day-to-night look
10. Take a hike
11. Go on a blind date
12. Make homemade ice cream
13. Tattoo (once I figure out what I want to get)
14. Color in a coloring book or paint by numbers kit (thanks EMC)
15. Put together a jigsaw puzzle
16. Host a dinner party (planning at end of March)
17. Plant a herb garden
18. Ice skating (thanks KS)
19. See a therapist
20. Try a cigar
21. This one is private!
22. Take a surf lesson (will do in LA)
23. Ride a horse
24. Take a dance class
25. Visit Storm King Art Center (will plan with EC)
28. Rock climbing (thanks KS)

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  1. love the homemade ice cream. i cream is the one thing i cannot live without; so nummie! you'll be able to do everything. can't wait to hear about them.